Gavin Plumley will be appearing at the following broadcasts, talks and events:

2 June 2023 – 4pm – North Books, Hay
Gavin Plumley, author of the recently published A Home for All Seasons
Meet Gavin Plumley, cultural historian and frequent BBC radio presenter, author of A Home for All Seasons. A winning combination of house history and the history of a place (in these fabulous borderlands where some of us are lucky enough to live) in the context of events in broader national and international history. Especially good to have vernacular architecture – rather than grand stately ’omes – as the building that’s centre stage, telling its story  
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4 June 2023 – 1pm – Hay Festival, Hay
Leah Broad and Alice Farnham talk to Gavin Plumley
Discover the lives, loves, adventures and trailblazing musical careers of four now largely forgotten extraordinary women from Leah Broad, a junior research fellow at Christ Church, Oxford University and author of Quartet: How Four Women Changed the Musical World and Alice Farnham, a conductor who has played concerts with the Philharmonia Orchestra, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, BBC Concert Orchestra, and Southbank Sinfonia, author of In Good Hands: The Making of a Modern Conductor. Chaired by Gavin Plumley.
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10 June 2023 – 1.30pm – Monty Lit Fest, Montgomery
A Home for All Seasons with Gavin Plumley
Which of us doesn’t like to poke around in other people’s houses, to know what they look like and explore their history? Gavin Plumley is our lyrical guide as he uncovers the story of Stepps House, a three-storey building in Pembridge, Herefordshire that has become his home with his husband. Alastair.
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22 June 2023 – 6pm – Castle Bookshop, Ludlow
Gavin Plumley: A Home for All Seasons
Gavin Plumley will be talking about his first book A Home for All Seasons, which tells the story of his Herefordshire home.
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26 August 2023 – 11am – Presteigne Festival – Baptist Church, Hereford Street, Presteigne
A Home for All Seasons – Literature with Gavin Plumley
Based in nearby Pembridge, Gavin Plumley’s A Home for All Seasons is a meditation on time and place. What begins as a search for the construction date of the author’s timber-framed home soon embraces a much wider cultural sphere, tracing the ley lines and the folk tunes of the landscape in which he lives.
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14 October 2023 – 11am – Two Moors Festival – Riverside Hall, Bampton
A Home for All Seasons
Gavin Plumley explores the significance of home though his perspective as a cultural historian and with reference to his book A Home for All Seasons. Charting his Herefordshire house across centuries, through Reformation, pestilence and climate change, this curious mix of memoir and history similarly follows the drovers from farm to market, Vaughan Williams recording local songs and flights of swallows in search of a home.
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