Gavin has a significant online presence, both via his own projects and through his social media consultancy work. During BBC Radio 3’s ‘Spirit of Schubert’ season Gavin was @FranzIsUnwell on Twitter. He also populated the season’s Tumblr scrapbook, with the project winning the 2013 BBC A&M award for best music production. His former blog Entartete Musik was recommended by BBC Radio 3, The Guardian and the Austrian Tourist Board. He has also run an Austrian wine site Grape Wein and written posts for the Royal Opera House’s News Pages. Gavin has been a consultant for other musical and cultural projects, including Michael Haas’s book Forbidden Music: The Jewish Composers Banned by the Nazis (published by Yale University Press) and the Oxford Lieder Festival.

Examples of Gavin’s online work: 
Click here to read Gavin’s thoughts on opera for newcomers.
Click here to read Gavin on the art of yodelling and Richard Strauss.
Click here to read Gavin on Tchaikovsky and empathy.

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